Want your wedding shot on real film?

There is an ongoing renaissance with some couples, who want their weddings shot on real film. Film has a look to it; that digital can't quite duplicate. It's a little grainy, colors are more vivid and subdued all at the same time. I can shoot your entire wedding on film, or just parts of it. If you opt for a total film wedding, you can expect about 300 to 500 images. Film is processed and scanned on a separate gallery and I'll package your negatives and send them to you. I can keep this pretty affordable as I'm part owner of the only remaining film lab in the area. Another service I can offer is disposable film cameras for your wedding tables. I can provide the cameras and the processing for $20.00 per camera. We'll process and scan and have the pictures online within a couple of days. I'll even arrange to meet you at the lab the day after the wedding so you'll have pictures available after you return from your honeymoon. So if you're into film and your having your wedding in the Wilmington region and area beaches, give me a call.