Above you'll find some useful links. Hit the resources button to find qualified vendors to help you with your wedding plans. If your interested on having your wedding shot on real 120 and 35mm film, click on the film button. If you want to read about "real weddings" click on the real weddings button. I've got something big coming in the next month or so and I'll be adding a button for that as well.

I strive hard, to be the best most affordable wedding photographer in the area. I've been awarded the best of weddingwire for three years running. I'm a real photographer, I started my career shooting film and gradually transitioned to digital as it made it easier to get images to my clients much faster. I'm part owner of a local studio and part owner of the last remaining film lab in the area. I live simply, don't require much in the way of worldly goods and price accordingly. Photography pricing is craaaazy. Just because you pay more money doesn't mean you get better pictures. It depends on the photographers needs. If they're paying child support and alimony they need to charge big bucks. Same goes if they've got three kids attending college or are raising four kids. I charge what I would pay. The cost of living in the area is not too crazy. If I were based in Seattle or Miami I'd obviously charge more. Digital has made things much easier in a lot of ways, it's also flooded the market with photographers that haven't really mastered the craft of wedding photography but some of them charge outrageous amounts.

I don't think I have a particular style. Every wedding is different. I try not to do too many posed portraits, but when I do, I like them to look natural. Some couples I can tell "to go be romantic." They just start being themselves and I stand off and take pictures. Works out great. Other couples may need  a little nudge, so I'm not afraid to tell them to look into each others eyes or tell each other a really bad joke, so I get them laughing. Wedding photography is not just being able to take pictures, it's about interacting w/ the clients so that everyone feels comfortable and the camera captures that feeling. Most of the really good wedding photographers are a bit extroverted and good with people. Their are a few exceptions, but they are few and far between. Check out the slideshow