I only link to people I like personally, and they're not part of the "Wedding Industrial Machine." Their prices are for the most part fair and more importantly, they deliver in spades. I understand that we're all only as good as our last wedding, so this list is updated periodically to reflect the vendors current efforts. If you have questions I can expound on any of these vendors and give you some other "out of the box" ideas as well.

Billy :)



    The cake. An important tradition. I've seen these folks in action and they deliver. Great tasting, reasonably priced. Delivered on time.

  • I only recommend caterers who I know I can trust. I've seen them at many events and know they can deliver what they promise.

  • DJ's


    A DJ will make or break your reception. Be sure to hire one with a great personality who has tons of music and the ability to download on the fly. This is much more important than how many lights he uses or some of the "frills". If you want that stuff...great, just be sure he can MC and can react to your crowd in a positive way.

  • Big part of the wedding day. Whether a small single bouquet or elaborate arrangements for the table, these folks are who I recommend.

  • Live music is always great at a wedding. Here are some local artists I really like, who are priced reasonably.

  • If you have a large wedding. A planner is often a necessity. These folks will handle all the big a little details of your wedding day. Some are more hands on than others. These are the folks I enjoy working with.



    These are a few of my favorite venues for weddings. Price is right, well run, and opportuities for stunning photos are the criteria I use for favored venue status.